Public Comment Asked for Amends in Policy by Immigration Officials!

A policy change is being considered by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding the law enforcement when it comes to detaining individuals who are suspected of residing unlawfully in the nation. ICE is attempting a public comment regarding the draft proposal.

Keeping in mind the limited resources along with the importance of prioritizing the efforts of the enforcement, the ICE is suggesting the following when it comes to detaining an illegal migrant.

  • A person would be detained who has been convicted of crime previously.
  • Has been subject to deportation
  • He has an immigration warrant that is outstanding
  • He is a danger to the local people and the community
  • A criminal investigation is pending against him

So, a traffic stop would not be the mere reason for such a person to be detained. In such a case, the person would be detained only if he was driving when drunk or was involved in an accident which led to victims being injured, property damage or has fled away from the scene.

According to an ICE spokesperson, these amends do not signify that such people could be prevented from deportation. It rather makes it clear when to take control regarding detention. As the statement released by the spokesman Brian Hale from ICE, there have been new reports lately which tends to miscast the Draft Detainer Policy of the ICE. For this, the agency is seeking a public comment. A record number of criminals as well as non-criminal aliens have been deported by the ICE under the current administration. The draft policy has been brought about to request inputs from the public regarding the best way to set priorities for implement the limited resources for detention as well as the ensuring the safety of the public.

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