Another Anti-Immigration Law Cancelled by a Federal Court!

A Hazleton, Pa. ordinance has been canceled by a federal appeals court. As per this ordinance, hiring or renting illegal migrants is against the law. This ordinance is considered as a precursor to the new immigration law which has been introduced in Arizona. It was also a copy of another anti-immigration legislation. This might be an indicator as to the kind of laws that can come up in the form of laws accused of displacing federal immigration authority.

Similarly in Fremont, Neb. another ordinance was passed which is has been delayed due to a pending legal challenge. The Hazelton ordinance was brought about in 2006. During that time, it was considered amongst the toughest laws of its time when it came to illegal migration. However, the ACLU and other right groups lodged a suit on part of the business owners, residents and the landowners in the city. The law was then deemed as being unconstitutional in 2007 by a federal court. During the decision made by Judge James M. Munley, it was mentioned that the 14th Amendment is applicable to all residing in the United States and not merely to the legal residents.

However, it has been appealed by the Hazleton city regarding the ruling to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. This court also agreed that this law is not constitutional in nature as it displaces the federal immigration law.

When it comes to aliens and deciding on who are permitted to live in the United States, it is an exclusive right of the federal government. If Hazleton is permitted to implement such a law, so should every other state in the nation. This would bring about subdivision building more on fear for the legal migrants who are contributing to the nation.

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