Canada Asks Punjab Government to Check on Fake Immigration!

The recent visit of Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to India brought out various issues as far as the Immigration industry is concerned. The biggest issue is to lessen down the number of fake immigration and travel consultants who leave no stone unturned in making fake promises to applicants, saying that they would surely take them to Canada.

The top cops from India have confirmed that the fraudulent cases in India are given ample care as they are being investigated in a proper manner. According to P.S. Gill, who is the director general of Punjab’s police force, it has been affirmed that there is no such problem like that. He confirmed that no difficulty has been faced by Punjab Police as all the fraudulent cases are investigated in apt ways.

It has been known that these fake agents prepare illegal documents like illegal bank receipts and other paper work to prove that their clients are genuine. But in a majority of cases, these visa applications are usually rejected, when they are scrutinized by the Immigration officials.

Early, Kenney commented that the Punjab police are applying half-hearted attempts when it comes to cutting down on illegal immigration.

He also met chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and discussed on this his cooperation for curbing down illegal immigration from its roots; the same has been confirmed by an official spokesman in Chandigarh.

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