Australia’s Working Holiday Visa Program to be opened for Indians

Great news for Indian applicants keen to enjoy an extended holiday in Australia while they earn through short-term employment there in! Now Indian’s will benefit from Australia’s popular ‘Working Holiday Maker’ Visa Scheme.

The Australian administration is keen to engage workers – including from India – to regional areas, to address the labour scarcities, particularly on farms.

Working Holiday Maker Programme

It includes the ‘Working Holiday Visa, and the Work and Holiday visa’ and is a cultural exchange programme.

At present, Australia provides two kinds of Work and Holiday Programme Visas under the Subclass 417 and the subclass 462 with those from India lacking the qualifications for both.

Reportedly, though close to 150,000 people were in the Kangaroo Land on Working Holiday Visa, the programme has lost much steam over the preceding 5 years.

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Even as nations in the uncapped 417 Visa scheme are usually backpacker nations like the UK, and Canada the 462 Visa (called “work and holiday”) scheme has more developing nations under its umbrella with China, Bangladesh, and Singapore being some such countries.

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