Busting Top 5 Myths about Australian visit Visa Application Process

With nearly everything getting processed online these days, getting an Australian Visa isn’t anymore an issue now.

We are busting some of the common myths around the Australian Visa application procedure. You will now have every reason to enjoy some of the rare, still marvelous natural and man-made wonders of Australia.

Myth 1: Australia Visitor Visa can be applied for ONLY manually

Truth: In the mid-2017, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) extended the online lodgement of such applications for visas to every national of India, and strongly advised online applications. It means you can apply for your Tourist or Business Visa (subcategory 600) anytime, and from any place. You can even get it done by a third party, like a family member in India, or in Down Under or even a travel consultant.

Myth 2: You are required to visit the DHA or Visa Application Centre for personal interview and biometrics

Truth: Applicants from India don’t have to do so. In case the requirement for further information or an interview surfaces, it will all be handled via your online ImmiAccount. A key reason the DHA contacts the candidates is because they may not have shared every needed detail.

Myth 3: Introduction of the online lodgement procedure has made the visa process lengthier

Truth: In fact, the processing times for both the Australia Tourist and Business Visitor Visas have become faster now. While a decision on most of the subcategory 600 Tourist Visas is being taken in just 15 days or so; most of the subcategory 600 Business Visitor Visas gets decided in less than even 8 days. Online lodgements get processed even faster. If you want your visa to be processed more hurriedly (say inside just 48 hours), you can pay extra fee and utilize the fast-track Australia visit visa service.

Myth 4: You require presenting your passport to the DHA

Truth: Now every Australian Visa is electronic and gets verified online as you board your flight and on landing in the overseas hotspot. All you need to do is present a scanned copy of the first and the last page of your passport, and also the scans of the stamped passport pages.

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Myth 5: Australian Visas are very costly

Truth: For a Visitor Visa (subcategory 600), the charges are approximately 7,100 INR. The Standard Visa allows travel inside 1 year, multiple admissions, with a permitted stay of not more than 3 months from the date of every advent.

For those who move often, the same visa permits travel inside 3 years. You may seek extended stays.

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