Authorized Uses of the Canadian Social Insurance Number!

Every department or agency in Canada is not authorized to collect the Social Insurance Number of a Canadian. There are a few specific authorized programs or departments that use a person’s SIN in order to manage a range of activities involving the person holding the number. Basically, any kind of execution of the SIN by the federal government is governed by the Treasury Board policy authorization.

The Canadian Employment Insurance Commission is entitled for issuing SINs. This is the same body, which is responsible for maintaining a record of the information needed to identify applicants who are entitled to various benefits under the country’s Insurance programs. In order to be able to avail these benefits, workers are required to provide their SINs to the respective administrative body.

As per the Canadian Income Tax Act:

  1. A person is required to provide his/her SIN for filing an annual tax return.
  2. Government agencies need the number for providing the SIN holder with grants, loans, and other types of financial assistance.
  3. Employers need the SIN in order to provide an employee with his/her record of employment, as well as other purposes like pension and personal income tax.
  4. A person needs to provide the SIN when applying for the Canadian Child Tax Benefit.
  5. A person is also required to provide the SIN to banks, or other financial organizations.

Social assistance programs like Canada Pension Plan also require a Canadian’s SIN. These are the programs that offer financial assistance to a person engaged in pensionable job and his/her family when circumstances occur that cause loss of income, such as retirement, death or disability. In order to able to avail such benefits, one needs to provide his/her SIN, along with other details, such as name; sex; and address.

According to the Old Age Security (OAS) Act, a person is required to provide his/her Social Insurance Number at the time of availing the OAS benefits. Over 65-year-old individuals are entitled to the Old Age Security pension. In this respect, an SIN is required to confirm the amount of benefits a person is entitled to; his/her date of birth; sex; marital status; and date of death.

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