Canadian Foreign Credential Offices, Soon To Be in India!

Applying for jobs in Canada will now become easier! Canada has recently declared the commencing of new credential offices in India, along with other countries, including China, UK and Philippines.

Every year, lacs of immigrants move to Canada from all over the globe, with thousands of them coming from India. People regard it as one of the most applauded countries to craft one’s future and get some of the best jobs in accordance to one’s forte and skills.

Talking about the application process, a majority of overseas applicants with foreign degrees find it hard to get Canadian degrees, often leading them to get low paid jobs like cab drivers or cooks in Canadian provinces. In an attempt to ease out the pain of new applicants, the Canadian government has come out with announcement to open offices which would further accelerate the Credential Recognition Process for overseas applicants.

It is speculated that every year, almost $2 billion is lost for not utilizing the skills of new overseas applicants. Minister Jason Kenney confirmed that the “Canadian Immigration Integration Project” would be given $15 million to assist newcomers with their attestation process. He went on to say that the government wants overseas immigrants to use their skills in Canada and the fund would further boost the credential recognition process even further.

The move is good for the prospective applicants as well as the Canadian economy, according to the minister.

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