Aylward Fighting Against the Deportation!

A woman from South Africa is fighting hard to survive deportation in New Zealand. She is hoping that her love would serve as a huge source for her to fight this battle for her and her kids.

Rhonda Aylward, the concerned woman is an undocumented worker who is left without any answer when it comes to gaining residency in the land of Kiwis. She is now hoping to get married with a New Plymouth man with whom she has been sharing a relationship for almost twelve months now. Her temporary three month permit is about to end this week, a facet which would leave her in a dilemma on the facet of surviving an unclear future ahead. She is not sure whether she will face a deportation or her love would come to her rescue.

According to a spokesperson for the Associate Immigration Minister, a case note on this matter is expected to go in front of the minister any moment and the result is expected to come out any moment. These days, the Parliament is not in session.

Rhonda Aylward, at 28 years of age works with Heatherlea Health Care. But she has been termed as an over-stayer and she failed to mark her presence at work this week.

She said that she is back to her starting point. Being undocumented and fighting with it all over again, is the place where she started at. Now she is hoping to get married with her finance, Steve Batchelor and fight this battle of deportation with him. But she is worried that she cannot do anything right now. She can’t work, can’t support the clan and is in a state of limbo.

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