Illegal Immigration Costs America $113B a Year!

A recent study carried out by the Federation for American Immigration Reform has revealed how the unlawful immigration hurts the United States’ economy. As per the study, it hurts a huge sum of 113 billion dollars of the economy per year. Further, it has detailed how the illegal immigration tends to cost an average of 1,117 dollars to each household in the nation.

The study is so far considered to have provided the most accurate report regarding the costs of unlawful immigration on the US economy till date. FAIR is believed to be a conservative federation that wants to discourage immigration altogether to America. It is often touted as an extremist federation. After the release of the FAIR’s study report, various supporters of the US’ immigration reform have criticized it extensively.

Reportedly, FAIR’s report contradicts the Perryman Report, which was being released in the year 2008. According to the Perryman Report, illegal immigration was actually a blessing for the United States’ economy. It had showed that illegal immigrants add an estimated amount of $245 billion in the nation’s GDP.

The FAIR report comes at the time when the Obama administration gives top priority to the immigration reform on its agenda. In a recent speech, the US President Barack Obama said that he believes in making reforms to the nation’s immigration system which has collapsed completely. This is when he expressed one of the changes to the immigration system that is providing legal status to the farm workers.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, on the other hand, suggested that there are two options in the nations’ immigration debate- first, to take up a measure to discourage future illegal migration and reduction of illegal population in the nation through deportations, as well as job denial; and second, is to continue accepting unlawful migrants to the US.

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