Bangladesh Provides Surety for Action against Indian Militants Outfits Camps!

Bangladesh has provided assurance that it would take mandatory action against the Indian militant outfits and their camps that are working in the nation.

According to Raman Srivastava, who is the Director General of BSF, a list has been provided to the Director General of Bangladesh Rifles Rafikul Islam regarding various aspects like the graphic details of northeast insurgent groups, their aerial photograph, along with their GPS locations. Also, he has been proposed to act on this issue and take apt act to dismantle them.

He went on to say that the name of various militants have been provided to his Bangladeshi counterpart but refused to provide the number of people listen in the group. He assured that the Bangladesh authorities have provided with the surety to locate these groups and dismantle them after knowing their positions.

The country has provided co-operation in the past as well. He is assured of the fact that proper action would be taken in this regard. Other issues which formed an integral part of the discussion were human trafficking and illegal smuggling of goods (like drugs) and fake currency notes at the border.

Work on fencing related issues between the borders of both the countries is also going on strong. With the massive increase of fake currency notes in the country and more and more illegal immigrants entering in the country, the urgency to take this step became mandatory.

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