Duties of a Chemical Technologist and Technician: Chemical Engineering Technology in Quebec!

Quebec offers good scope for international skilled workers engaged in occupations like chemical technologist and technician. Let’s have a look at the main duties attached to this occupation in the Canadian province:

A chemical technologist/technician is responsible for providing technical support and services in fields like;

  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemical and biochemical research/analysis
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Chemical quality control
  • Environmental protection

Even though the occupation of a chemical technologist/technician is not regulated in Quebec, individuals are required to be the members of the ‘Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec’.

Quebec had about 8,000 professionals employed in the occupation of chemical technologist and technician in the year 2008. Out of this, 51 percent were men. In the same year, 94 percent of chemical technologists and technicians were full-time employees. In 2005, the average gross annual income of a full-time employed chemical technologist/technician was 48,000 Dollars.

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