Bangladeshi Chefs Arrested in the UK!

Recently, the UK Border Agency has arrested five Bangladeshi citizens for illegally immigrating to the United Kingdom and then working there. The illegitimate immigrants were arrested last week from the places where they worked in two different towns in England.

UKBA officials were checking the immigration status of the staff in a Minehead restaurant named Taj Mahal, where three of the accused were arrested. All the three persons were worked as chefs in the restaurant. They were found guilty of violating the immigration rules- by staying in the UK illegally as their visas had already expired.

On another instance at Rajpoot restaurant in the town of Bath, other two Bangladeshi men were arrested on the ground of illegal immigration to the United Kingdom. They were also working as chefs in the restaurant. The UK immigration department is working on the removal of these rule breakers from the nation.

In the meantime, both the restaurants were handed with civil penalty notices for employing illegal workers. As for the Minehead restaurant, the UK Border Agency had cleared that if the employer cannot provide proper evidence of carrying out checks while appointing the Bangladeshi chefs into jobs, which could be a passport or a Home Office document, it could require to pay fine up to £10,000.

With these two cases, the UK Border Agency’s Regional Director for Wales and the south West cleared that everybody who wants to live and work in the United Kingdom should follow the fair path and those who do not follow will be removed from the nation. And the employers who take illegal overseas nationals into work would also be made to pay heavy fine.

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