Christmas Island Has No Space for Detainees

According to Australian media, the Christmas Island Detention Center has no space for further detainees as it has already crossed its extent of 2040 detainees.

The limit crossed when a close to 150 asylum seekers were recently transferred to the Detention Center. Reports cleared that the surplus asylum seekers had to sleep in other sections meant for teaching English and other rooms meant for carrying out Interviews with the Immigration officials.

As a result, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has found ample reasons to criticize the current government saying that Rudd’s government needs to be tough while handling the boat people.

He specified that under Howard government, they witnessed three boats per annum while the figures have turned to three boats in a weak, under present scenario. He further mocked that when we talk about unauthorized arrivals, the records will cross all boundaries.

Further, the arrival of asylum seekers from Afghan and Iranian has worsen the situation further. But a spokesman for the department confirmed that the island still has room for more detainees. He confirmed that there is room for today’s arrivals. The arrivals have exceeded the capacity despite transferring plenty of detainees to the mainland last week.

The criticism from Tony Abbott was not enough that immigration spokesman Scott Morrison went on to mock that island has now become a revolving door.

Surely, Rudd’s government has plenty to think for now!

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