Bangladeshis Arrested for Working Illegally in the UK!

11 undocumented Bangladeshi nationals have been detained by the UK Border Agency during the three days of operation by the enforcement in South Devon. As of now, the relevant measures are being taken for the deportation of these individuals from the United Kingdom. This is as per the release brought out by the British High Court.

The enforcement operations were implemented throughout the nation to deal with illegal immigration, fake colleges, and organized crime pertaining to immigration as well as sham marriages.

Initially, in Cumbria which is in the north of the UK, nine Bangladeshis were arrested. They were arrested from two restaurants for working illegally and for other offences. With this, the restaurant owners have been warned they have to pay a fine as high as £90,000 if they are not able to prove that they conducted appropriate checks.

According to the Immigration Minister of UK, Damien Green, the government assigned the task to the UK Border Agency to conduct a strict activity of enforcement during the summer. The government is focuses to make it tougher than ever for the undocumented migrants to reside in the UK. These people tend to pressurize the public services, legitimate businesses as well as the local communities. This is being done especially when the nation is not in a position to afford it.

The above has been the main reason why the UKBA is intent on removing illegal employment and other such excuses which are being used by the illegal migrants to either enter or reside in the nation illegally.

As per the immigration law in UK, an employer could be fined as high as £10,000 for each undocumented worker discovered working for him and the employer is not able to prove that he has conducted the relevant checks.

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