Australia Seeking Workers from Britain!

In their search for skilled migrants from Britain, the Government of Australia is organizing an employment expo in September in London. This expo is catered to getting skilled workers from the UK to match the needs of the employers in Australia. As per the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Australia needs those skilled in medical services, engineering or trades. This is because the nation is still very short of skilled workers in a wide range of industries.

The Skills Australia Needs Expo would cater to those industries which are critically short of skilled professionals. These include construction, mining and health industries. This expo would also be host to major employers from Australia and their representatives and state and territorial governments from Australia.

In 2005, the Australian Expo Program was first started. As of now, about twenty three Australian employment Expos have been organized. Of these, eight have been held in UK. In 2009, some of the key features of this expo were:

  • About thirty eight exhibitors which include the Government organizations, Australian employers as well as companies into relocation service participated.
  • The number of skilled workers was above 1800 who had visited this expo.

According to DIAC, 90% of those who attended this expo recommended more such expos to their friends. At the same time, 80% felt that they can meet the right sponsor for Australian migration.

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