New Visa Law would not Affect the Indo-US ties, says US!

The US government trusts that the new law which has brought about a hike in the visa fee would not bring about a difference in the ties it has with India. This law has been brought about to secure the Mexican borders with the United States by raising $600 million. This amount would be generated by increased visa fee which the Indian firms operating in the US have to pay for deploying its personnel in the States. According to Janet Napolitano, Secretary, US Homeland Security, the Obama administration has a close relationship with India and it intends to keep it that way.

As per Napolitano, this increased visa fee would only pay for immigration. And this is only for a few specific business-related visas. The visa fee hike has been on the H-1B and L visas. This way, the funds for securing the borders would not come from the general fund which is much more important for other aspects. So, this would not add to the deficit and permit the enforcement resources on a permanent basis.

The fee has increased by more than $2000 which has to be paid by the Indian firms to deploy their personnel in the United States at the client sites. More so, these firms have been called as a handful of foreign firms which tend to exploit the visa program in the United States.

All in all, the bill has been signed which would allow the funding for 1,000 new personnel to be placed at the border as the US Border Patrol agents. They would form a strike force. With this about 250 new Customs and Border Protection officers at the ports of entry and another 250 agents under the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are being recruited.

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