Basketball Player Seeking for Canadian Citizenship!

Chances for Basketball player Matt Bonner’s to play for Canada at the world basketball championship seems to grow dim because of his fewer chances of obtaining Canadian Citizenship. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada refused to provide details about his case and refused to make any comments to maintain the privacy of the sportsman.

It is not enough for an applicant to stay in Canada for short while who has spent most of his life living in his birth country to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Case of such an applicant is not strong enough to give him Canadian Citizenship and only a strong recommendation and exceptional contribution of that person for Canada can give boost to his case.

Bonner has played for Canadian team several times and has been associated with it for quite some time. He married a Canadian woman and thus became a permanent resident of Canada in 2009. But he still needs to fulfill the requirement of staying in Canada for three years to be eligible to obtain the Canadian citizenship.

He has requested the Canadian Immigration to consider his case owing his exceptional services as a sportsperson for Canada and grant him some exemption. Bonner proved his potential as a brilliant sportsperson when he played for the Toronto Raptors from 2004 to 2006 but that still does not make him a strong contender for Canadian citizenship. Things are not so easy for this talented sportsperson who is waiting and hoping that his case would be considered by the Canadian Immigration.

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