Obama says US jobs will not go to India!

According to American President Barack Obama, his country had returned to a healthy competitiveness. In addition, the danger that was prevailing the jobs going to nations like India and China is over.

In an event in Austin, Texas, he went on to say that when he took the oath as a President and joined the office, their economic plan dealt with rewarding the hard work rather than greed. This plan was responsible for award responsibility in place of irresponsible behaviors or recklessness. This plan has main focus on the middle class on the country and how to provide them with more security.

He further stated that the country was competitive enough and ensured that the employment options do not go to China, India or Germany, but instead are provided to the nationals of U.S. itself. In addition, the President has been involved in various public speeches stating as to how his strategies are totally against outsourcing people from different countries.

He said that rather than spending money on special interest tax loopholes, it would be apt to invest in important matters like education and clean energy, facets which would benefit not only the nationals of the country, but the overall economy.

He said that it would take a lot of time to come out of the economical mess which has been created over so many years. It will take time to “dig the way” out of this hole created!

The mess has affected the lives of plenty of our families, so it will take a lot of time to heal back!

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