Benefits & Papers required for de-facto partner in Australia

They say love holds no bounds, maybe it’s true after all! Now that Australia immigration recognizes de-facto for Australia PR i.e. even if you’re in a live-in relationship you could have the privilege of getting into the Australian borders, if your de-facto partner has applied for an Australia PR visa.

But however, to be considered in the eye of Australia immigration dept. you must provide documented details of your de-facto relationship which should be more than 2 years without separation.

How you can prove to be in a de-facto relationship to the Dept. of Home Affairs Australia?

As de-facto relationships arise out of certain circumstances, the Australia Dept. of Home Affairs have laid forth the following prerequisites to determine whether you are in a couple living in a de-facto relationship, or not.

•  Validating whether you and your partner are in an active marriage with someone else;
•  Length of the relationship which should be more than 2 years to be considered;
•  Whether the nature of relationship involved physical intimacy;
•  Financial dependency;
•  Mutual commitment for living a shared life;
•  Whether the relationship is registered in an Australian state or territory;
•  Owning and using a property together/jointly;
•  Mutual support of children, if any;
•  Social acceptance of the relationship.

So, what does this de-facto relationship mean?

Being in a de-facto relationship means that you can possibly invite your de-facto partner to enjoy the unconditional privileges of having a permanent residency Australia. Meaning that you have an open door to Migrate to Australia from India, only if you meet and prove the above criteria of a de-facto partner.

Other benefits include:
•  You’ll be able to live and work indefinitely anywhere in Australia.
•  Travel to and fro from Australia till the time your visa remains valid.
•  Apply for citizenship.
•  Access to government subsidized Medicare coverage and insurance facilities.
•  Government funded free Education system for your children.
•  Sponsor eligible relatives to come and experience the flamboyant, Australia.

Benefits of including your de-facto partner for Australia PR visa

If you’re a primary applicant who has aspired for Australia Immigration since long but failed to qualify as you lacked the sufficient eligibility scores to make your Australian dreams come true, then maybe including a skilled spouse/de-facto partner in your application could raise your scores significantly.

Check Your Eligibility

From an immigration perspective, if you’re in a de-facto relationship and if your partner is skilled then your relationship could probably crack doors to PR in Australia. With the latest update wherein, you can cash in for additional points from Australia points calculator with a positive skill assessment and competence report for English language from your spouse/partner.

Therefore, empowering a de-facto relationship for Australia Immigration opens-up PR visa pathways, but if you’re a person who is legally married but at the same time be in a de facto relationship with another person that you are not married to. In this case your legal spouse or lawfully wed partner is entitled to be included in the PR application.

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