Australia recognizes de-facto Relationships to Open-Up PR Doorways

‘When the mind sees only boundaries, Love knows a secret way there’, a quote that’s derived to change your perception that only legally married couples could migrate to Australia From India. Though, married couples can immigrate to Australia but it is the partial truth to the whole immigration saga to the great kangaroo paradise. Everyone knows that the Australian grandeur is known for tempting high-caliber immigrants for a lifetime of professional & personal adventures in the rise of a paradise that is glistened from brightening sun above and the playful oceans below.

But on the contrary, have you ever heard of the term de-facto partners; No! maybe this should enlighten you – when applying for an Australia PR Visa, the section for members of family unit states to include:

•  the primary applicant’s spouse – or – de facto partner, and
•  any dependent child (below 18 years of age)

While the Dept. of Australia immigration wants you to fill the workforce shortage it is facing in the wake of 21st century, the country also focusses on inducting your spouse / de facto partner (skilled, or not) onto its book of records so that you could possibly have a life that you had in your homeland.

australia recognize pr doorways for de facto

Definition of de-facto relationship

A de-facto relationship means that you and your partner are in a live-in relationship on a genuine domestic basis. Even if you’re sensually different from the normal couples, you and your partner of the same/opposite gender are included in the definition of a de-facto relation. For Australia immigration, the connotation of a de-facto relationship remains the same throughout the country.

On the contrary to be considered to Migrate to Australia From India, you must show documented proof of being in a live-in relation without separation for at least two years.

What are the PR pathways available to migrate to Australia?

In a de facto relationship you can apply to the following permanent residency Australia pathways. Though the requirement for each may differ significantly but all yield qualifying points for de facto partners. The pathways that you can choose to apply are:
Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent) Visa;
Subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) Visa;
Subclass 491 (Skilled Regional Work (Provisional) Visa;
Subclass 188 (Business Innovation & Investment (Provisional) Visas;
Subclass 888 (Permanent Business Innovation & Investment) Visas;
Subclass 132 (Business Talent (Migrant) Visas;

With so much benefits in the grasp of an Australia PR, empowering your de-facto relationship might further aid in leveraging additional points in Australia points calculator.

Check Your Eligibility

Australia Immigration now looks to add to its labor shortage with 800,000 new opportunities by 2023, which is said to energize Australia’s economy in the coming 20 years by developing future passage of promising labor from Global Economic Leaders – India, China, and Japan. Thus, this is the optimum time to leverage yours and your de-facto partners skills to land a ticket to Australia.

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