Canada becomes No. 1 for Quality of Life for the 5th Consecutive Time

For five consecutive years, Canada secured the Top-Spot and crowned with the title of World’s Best Destination for Quality of Life – as per the U.S. News & World Report.

Is the Canadian Govt. the main architect of this achievement? Or is it something else? – Every country is identified globally on the basis of Good Governance, economy and its policies. Thanks to the positive policies of Canadian Govt., Canada has become the people’s favorite country to live and settle. This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the support and tolerance of the Canadian natives for allowing the immigrants from all around the world wholeheartedly.

The report further re-instated that Canada is a politically stable nation where its residents under the Canada PR Visa enjoys having a diverse Job Market, well-developed public education system and a highly-functional public health system. On a global level, Canada is coined as the immigrant friendly nation with equal opportunities to the newcomers to grow and prosper. The social benefits of Canada, is the major crowd-puller that provides free education, subsidized healthcare, employment benefits and benefits for family and senior citizens.

canada immigration

If you are considering to apply for the Canada Immigration Process, then you must be pleased to know that Canada is aiming to permit more than 1 million newcomers by 2023. The declaration by Canadian Govt. is huge opportunity of the immigration aspirants from all around the world. There are many reasons to choose this beautiful nation and the statistics by U.S. News & World Report makes it clear for you.

  • Canada came second only behind Sweden in the category of “Citizenship” due to the success in the areas of human fundamental rights, environment conservation, political stability and religious freedom.
  • Canada placed third behind Luxembourg and Switzerland in the category of “Open for Business”. The achievement is due to the positive govt. policies that supports the business environment in the nation to grow and prosper. Canada scored high points in the areas of bureaucracy, manufacturing costs, corruption, tax environment and government practices.

All the aforementioned praises and proclamations, tell you only one story – Canada is the best immigration destination in the world in terms of quality of life, education and healthcare.

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