Beware, doing fake marriages for immigration is not right !

Some people have become very imaginative these days and they are devising new and ground breaking ways to gain admissions into an immigration hotspot. For instance, now many such individuals are using the fake divorce route to gain entry into the US. Yes, it is true!

It has come to light that some people carry-out fake weddings to gain an entry into the US even as reportedly numerous such cases have come to light. A remarkably high figure of such cases has been reported wherein fake divorces were carried-out so that the involved persons could become qualified to gain entry into the nation in question.

In most of the cases people–who are married at their own country, have a spouse, and may be a family–are involved. These persons file a petition for divorce so that they can become officially entitled to get into the US.
Ways of getting rid of married position

  • Some persons present divorce petitions in the court, with the assistance of which they can prove that the wedding does not exist anymore even as they have become single once yet again. Here they get an officially permitted certificate which proves that they can file a petition.
  • Some people get wedded and inside a very short duration they get it dissolved so that they can use their new status to submit a petition for US immigration.

Factors behind preferring Canada as immigration spot

  1. The Canadian Federal Administration maintains certain laws that proffer preference to ethnic minorities & women, vis-à-vis others, for job purposes.
  2. The nation’s law enables the concept of Heritage Language Program, in case adequate requests come from persons from a specific nation.

The law is believed to be permitting unwedded adult kids of a migrant to arrive in the nation, in case the parent has a Green Card or he enjoys the nation’s citizenship. The law is set for making things handy for the aliens. However, many persons milk the situation and take advantage of it; they get divorced for other purposes.

It is claimed that it is nothing but a complete case of law-infringement where divorce is not real at all. There is no dearth of cases wherein many persons applied with a married standing, and when they were not offered a permit, they got divorced only so that they could file a petition afresh with “new single status”.

What Happens When Apprehended!

The US Immigration Department records every petition, and when it finds-out that a candidate has violated the law, it deals with such cases rather strictly, rightfully so. Allegedly, many persons found guilty of violations have been exiled. Since misusing the law is not tolerated by any nation, the US also does not tolerate the same, and–as mentioned just a short while ago–deals with such cases somewhat strictly.

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