Canada Welcomes Migrants under Various Amazing Immigration Schemes

Several individuals make their way to Canada, eager to explore a fresh life; one that’s duly backed by a fairly high standard of living, besides a top ranked healthcare structure. The nation controls its immigration & makes a decision regarding the figure of visitors to be given entry every year.

The basis of the country’s policies is economic, family, not to mention humanitarian targets. Some immigration experts claim that it is essential that the country maintains a good balance between openness to fresh aliens, and a control of its people & resources. The nation offers a very developed society with an amazing educational arrangement. Its healthcare and standard of living motivate several individuals to shift to its territories to start life afresh with wonderful opportunities.
Significantly, the leading world body, the United Nations (UN), ranks the nation as one of the finest immigration destinations to live, on the basis of quality of life, rates of unemployment, besides life expectancy. Migrants from across the globe move to the nation even as its administration appreciates the contribution made by the migrants, while gaining the economic & social rewards.

The Maple Leaf Country rolls-out red-carpet welcome to nearly 250,000 new immigrants per annum. Its only-one-of-its-kind culture is developed upon the diverse backgrounds & experiences brought in by these migrants. The nation classifies four classes of immigrants. While the economic immigrants comprise businesspersons & trained employees, the family class comprises relatives of the Canadian residents. Humanitarian aliens are those admitted for reasons of concern and kindness, even as refugees are those fleeing harassment or cruel and extraordinary sentence.

Economic Factors behind Immigration

A key foundation of the nation’s openness to new immigrants is the economic advantage of a multi-cultural culture. The nation gives good opportunities to overseas businesspeople to make the cut for residency, via many professional schemes. That the same has historically benefited both the aliens & the Canadian nationals cannot be ignored.

Schemes like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Business Immigration Schemes, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nominee Schemes–all work to prop-up and motivate economic immigration. They give emphasis to the country’s commitment to welcoming and maintaining new talent into its economy, propelling growth and affluence and making these top priorities.

Family Reunification

The Maple Leaf Country offers residency for family sponsorships even as it constitutes nearly 70,000 new residents, and close-to one-fourth or 25% of all issued permits. Parent and grandparent permanent residencies have approached its highest level in two decades. The nation’s continuous support to family reunification boosts this growth.

Canada’s citizens and residents may offer sponsorship to particular members of the family for residency. It comprises partners, common-law partners, parents, grandparents, or kids who the sponsor is eager to adopt. It is essential that the aspirants are not married or are involved with live-in a common-law relationship to be accepted.

Humanitarian Immigration

The nation’s support for humanitarian purposes contributes to its total immigration rate. The same comprises refugees interested in political protection. Through the Canadian law, immigrants may file a petition for citizenship once they have stayed in the nation for a period of four years with not less than two years of Permanent Residency (PR). Those who submit petitions on the basis of humanitarian factors should be approved. The procedure time and again takes years to complete, and candidates ought to prove that leaving the nation would mean noteworthy sufferings for them.

As per an estimate, Canada permits anywhere between 200,000 and 250,000 fresh migrants per annum. During 2010, the biggest fraction of aliens was economic, only to be followed by family & refugees. This year, the nation is likely to enable from 240,000 to 265,000 fresh migrants. A predictable 63% of immigrants will be made permanent residents this year.

The nation has roughly 33 different ethnicities, each having not less than 100,000 members. The majority of the aliens ultimately gain the nation’s prized citizenship. The nation’s immigration policy has proved helpful to its culture, via diversity & economic development. The country offers residency to the aliens on the basis of economic, family, and humanitarian grounds. Ottawa has always understood the benefit of welcoming brilliant people for its own advantage, and also for the augmentation in breaks for its people.

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