Beware Of Fraud and Hire Approved Canada Immigration Consultants

The Canadian minister Honorable Mr. Chris Alexander while declaring the month of March 2014 as Immigration Fraud prevention month said that the government of the Maple country was concerned at the growing incidents of fraudulent activities connected with migration. He specifically said that people aspiring to immigrate to the Maple country through various channels and classifications must always make it sure that they use the services of registered and approved migration advisers only.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is celebrating March 2014 as migration Fraud prevention month in coordination with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC). The aim of such a move is to create an make migration aspirants aware of advantages of using services of approved migration consultants and the kind of support approved advisors can render to the applicants.

He also bought forward several drawbacks in using services of unsolicited people acting as migration advisers. He specifically indicated that the people using services of unscrupulous entities acting as migration agencies often ended up paying substantial amount of money in name of fee and other charges for Immigration to Canada.

The minister also advised the new entrants to save themselves from being caught in unwarranted instances where the self proclaimed advisers literally vanished into thin air after siphoning off substantial amounts of money from would be applicants.

As per him, these unauthorized people do not only cheat and hurt the interests of the migration aspirants, but they also deliver an adverse blow to the reputation of Canadian Visa policy and its departmental system. Perpetrators of such activities cost the Canadian government substantial amount of money and also slow down the application evaluation process.

To curtail recurrence of such activities, the authorities of the Maple country has enacted a special provision in the Canada Immigration policy which mandates using services of only approved migration advisers. This law makes it necessary for the applicants to place their requests either independently of use support of approved agencies (otherwise the requests would be rejected and returned).

In an effort to curtail fraudulent activities in relation to the migration, the Canadian has already taken certain stringent steps against the people found guilty of Canada Immigration Frauds. The levies and punishment include imprisonment or fine, or both, etc…

A significant impact of stringent measure in already being registered, and to strengthen the legal framework against unscrupulous people, the authorities have proposed inclusions of some more proposals.

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