Bid to stop OPT program aborted by US district court

Bid to stop OPT program aborted by US district court

An association of STEM workers of America have been unsuccessful in their attempt to put brakes on an Optional Practical Training Program (OPT). This program especially caters to overseas student after they have completed their studies.

Although the full opinion is yet to be released by Judge Reggie B Walton, of the Columbian District Court, who has in turn ‘denied the plaintiffs motion to strike’ The OPT program under the 1992 regulation encourages and helps these foreign students who have come to study on F-1 (academic US visa for study).

These visas allow them to work for one whole year after they have finished their study programs they had enrolled for. Another such regulation, that had been launched back in 2016, enabled these international students to get further extension for their OPT till a period of 24 months, which is to say the OPT time span of 3 years is made accessible to them, in case they want to opt for US Immigration.

According to a latest report released by Open Doors, between the year of 2019 and 2020, almost 18% of the total batch of overseas students which is equivalent to 1.93 lakh, belonged to India. This decision comes as a breather for overseas study students.

To this, Cyrus Metha, founder of a New York-based immigration law was quoted as saying that “The decision is great news for international students as they can look forward to getting permission to engage in practical training in the US after they complete their studies.

 It is also good for American universities as they can continue to compete with universities in other countries to attract the best students. Obtaining practical training after successfully graduating from a US university can nicely round off a stellar education and provide the student a foray into a career, which in turn can benefit the US or the home country or both”.

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