BIIP Investment options explained

In the earlier post, we gave you an over view about the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program or BIIP. In this post, we will explain the table and schedule of investment a bit clearly.

1. The main applicant must be at least 18 years old.
2. They must not have had a criminal record.
3. They can add dependents to a residency or citizenship application, which include his/her spouse, and children. Here are the various investment products explained.

BIIP Investment
BIIP Investment

Investment Option #1:
Corporate Stocks (Standard Processing: 5 years. Fast Track: 18 months).
The applicant finances the purchase of corporate stocks issued by companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

The non-refundable cost is Euro 185,000
Standard track processing: 60 months

Fast track processing: Euro: 270,000
Time taken: 18 months

Investment Option #2:
Invest in 1 Government Bond (Standard Processing: 5 years).
You will invest in 1 government bond and in this option you will receive your residency after 6 months. You can apply for citizenship after 5 years.
If you finance the bond, your non-refundable cost is Euro 210,000, whereas if you purchase the bond you will have to invest Euro 512,000 (excluding fees). You will earn an interest on this amount and after 5 years, you will receive the value of the bond.

Investment Option #3:
Invest in 2 Government Bonds (Fast Track Processing: 18 months).
You will invest in two government bonds and receive your residency in six months. After 18 months you can file for citizenship. If the bonds are financed, the total non-refundable cost is Euro 330,000. If the bonds are purchased, the investment is Euro 1,024,000 (excluding fees), and you will earn interest on the sum. As above, you will receive the value of the bond after 5 years.

Investment Option #4:
Property Investment (Fast Track: 18 months).

You can invest Euro 412,000 (excluding fees) in 2 apartments (each 90 sq.m. net).

You will receive a guaranteed rent of 5% per year, used for the financing of EU /Bulgarian citizenship for the duration of 7 years. There is a buy-back guarantee after 7 years for the initial investment of EUR 412,000. In this option, you will get Bulgarian permanent residency within 6 months and you can become a citizen and receive your passport in 18 months.

Investment Option #5:
Life Insurance Policy (Standard Processing: 5 years. Fast Track: 18 months).

You will buy a Unit Linked Life Insurance payable to the beneficiary at termination. The minimum investment is Euro 250,000 (standard track processing) or Euro 500,000 (fast track processing). There are no additional service charges or handling fees. The investment is fully refundable. You will receive residency after about 6 months. The benefit of this investment option is that you may draw a loan against the policy value.

Bulgaria Permanent Residency
If you only want to reside permanently in Bulgaria without becoming a citizen, the same above investment options apply. Normally, permanent residency is granted usually within 6 months of filing an application. If you wish to become a Bulgarian citizen, you can apply for it after 5 years of permanent Bulgarian residency.

Click here for the BIIP table.

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