Breaking the ice with Bulgaria

When you first land in Bulgaria, it is likely that you will be completely at bay. A foreign land with its foreign cuisines and foreign language. Here are some first-step-tips, if we may call it so, for you, when you reach Bulgarian soil.

Useful Bulgarian Phrases
Like in every other country, there are people who will not speak any other language except their native. This is especially true of the elderly population. Therefore it will help if you learn at least basic Bulgarian phrases. Phrases like
“Hello” (“Zdrasti”),
“Bye” (“Dovizhdane”),
“Thank you” (“Blagodarya”) are some examples. Here is a useful link which will help you more with this language.

migrating to Bulgaria
migrating to Bulgaria

Sink your teeth into the local cuisine
The best way to fall in love with a country is mostly through its food. Bulgarian cuisine is homely, hearty and makes you feel heavenly. The Bulgarians are a simple lot and are not much into fast foods (though there are a lot of chains there too). Their food is cooked with fresh ingredients and mostly home cooked. Food that you should definitely try includes banitsa, lyutenitsa, musaka, yogurt, tarator and Shopska salad which was even recognized by the European Parliament as the best dish in Europe!

Get on to social networking websites for events round ups
The Bulgarians love to get together and have a good time, so much so that they create facebook events and pages. Browse through those pages and you will discover a readymade social life waiting for you there.

Step outside and enjoy the breeze or even the free wifi
There are plenty of free wireless Internet hotspots as well as parks in every city so you can enjoy reading your lecture notes or write your papers outside while enjoying the sunny weather.

Get going
Travelling by public transport is the best way to get to know a new city. Let us mention here that public transport in Bulgaria is very affordable. If you want to rent a private cab, that’s an option too and it’s quite reasonable. Do check out the movement “100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria”. This will offer you many ideas on where and how you should take in the best sights of Bulgaria.

Explore the action
Sports and facilities are not very developed in many countries, like India. But Bulgarians love to be on their feet most of the time. They make an ample use of the beautiful geography to indulge in bungee jumping, skydiving, hiking, scuba diving or rafting. So if you haven’t got a chance to do any of these, give it a go when you shift to Bulgaria.

Make friends with locals!
Bulgarians are famous for being very welcoming and friendly, so this “tip” won’t take much of your time! Bulgarian friends can also help you enjoy your stay here by inviting you to great events or teaching you useful phrases in the local language.

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(This blog post is a part of Abhinav’s special series “Bulgaria Calling”, compiled by Abhinav’s Research Team.)

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