Bloomberg Aims Higher Economy, More Jobs!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his recent speech gave hints of increasing the job markets in the city and focusing at higher economy in the upcoming future. He rebuked Washington for not doing enough to boost the enough and assisting natives to return to their employments.

He gently said that when it comes to coming out with more employment options, then the job has not been done by the government. He went on say that employment option is the main issue of the day and that’s where the focus should be implemented by the government.

Bloomberg said that Washington and Albany have not work properly and that is affecting the natives of America who are finding themselves out of employment and future savings.

He said in a criticizing manner that the government officials need to leave their demagogue approach and deliver right decisions. Although no direct speech has been targeted at the president, he silently said that the current management has done less in the direction of enhancing innovation towards the betterment of the overall economy. He also commented on the Health Care bill saying that it lacks innovation in a major way.

He said that the current administration needs to be cautious while coming out with the financial services bill. They need to make sure that it does not come in between innovation.

It would be good news for new immigrants to come and work in New York, with more and more employment options coming in future.

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