Philippines bans Xmas greets for Travelers!

MANILA, Philippines – According to reports, travelers who are intending to go to the Philippines should not have expectations that the immigration officials at the airport would wish them “merry Christmas.”

According to Ronaldo Ledesma, who is the chief of the Immigration Bureau, the immigration officers who are present at various passport counters are barred from sending Christmas greetings to the travelers as they may be misunderstood as imploring for gifts or cash.

Visitors can expect brilliant services at the counter, but not greetings!

Philippines has this tradition with its people that Christmas wishes are being exchanged for various gifts from loved ones and godfathers. The same practice has been wrongly used by crooked officers who make wrong use of it for the purpose of demanding gifts from their clients and travelers.

Ledesma went on to say that if the greeting for Christmas is genuine, it may be mistreated as asking for money, cash or financial gifts from the other person. Rather, a warm smile should be exchanged with the travelers, along with offering them efficient service.

It is known that Ledesma’s bureau has faced criticism for decking much of country’s corruption in its kitty and the man has vowed to clear such corruption for ever.

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