Boulder Council to Decide on its Immigration Fingerprint Program!

A decision would be taken by the government of Boulder regarding its federal program which caters to the use of fingerprints for identifying illegal migrants. Macon Cowles, the City Councilman was successful in lobbying for support from the rest of the council. A recommendation was drafted which stated the position of the city regarding the Secure Communities by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

This program has been functioning for almost two years in thirty two states. In the coming three years, this program would be implemented through out the nation. However, this program needs the local officials to send fingerprints of those people who were arrested on charges by the state police and also by the FBI with respects to criminal background checks.

The fingerprints sent by the FBI are being accessed by the ICE as well. These are being used against the database of people who are known to have entered or living in the nation illegally. Based on this, the ICE could get in touch with the local authorities to arrest such people and order them to detain these people on immigration charges.

Cowles has stated that he wants the program to be studied by the city and come forth with a position recommended which could be considered by the council. With this, a recommendation by the staff regarding whether or not the city should support the program would be discussed by the council during its meeting in November.

Above all, with illegal immigration being a major concern, the fingerprint program would definitely be an added advantage in identifying those breaking the law.

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