Canada Is Getting Strict in Curbing Illegal Consultants!

No names of any Immigration consultancy firms would be displayed here. But the issue is to highlight the enormous number of fake Immigration consultants working in Punjab, here Jalandhar. These deceptive so-called consultants are experts in preparing fake documents for their clients; some of them may include fraudulent airline tickets, bank receipts, and fake documents from Canadian-based funeral homes.

Naming one of the Immigration consultancy firms in Jalandhar, David Manicom, who is the head of the immigration section at the Canadian High Commission, said that not one of their travel visas got an approval till yet this year. On the verge of this, the owner of this firm said that he has NOT done anything wrong in helping those applications which had fake documents. He said that he is just an advisor/consultant. He also claimed that he has assisted so many prospective applicants in assuring their visas to Canada and other nations. The firm has been in business since the past 12 years now.

Like this company, there are hundreds and hundreds of Immigration consultancy firms operating in Punjab, who leave no stone unturned in crafting fake documents for their clients and ending them to nations like Canada.

Canada is one of those countries which receives more number of immigrants from India as compared to any other nation. Hence, there has been growing concerns for making proper laws against these fraud consultants and inability of the local police authorities to take proper action against them.

These consultants not only spoil the chances of their clients of a better stay in Canada but create head aches for Canadian economy too.

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