New Immigration Bill Appreciated by Council!

A new bill on immigration has been introduced by a Sen. Robert Menendez along with Sen. Patrick Leahy in New Jersey. This has come about amidst politicians gearing up for the elections to be held in November. The new bill has been brought out as an attempt to amend issues pertaining to the recent controversies that have come about regarding illegal migrants in the United States.

The Comprehensive Reform Act was brought out immediately after the failure of the Development, Relief and Education under the Alien Minors Act. The main aim of this bill is to strengthen border security, introduce verification pertaining to employment for worksite enforcement. With these, it also has the elements of the Dream Act.

As per Menendez, it is important for the members from both the parties to work together and settle their differences to bring about immigration reform. This has also been agreed by the US President Barack Obama.
In order to bring about comprehensive reform, the problem has to be addressed as a group rather than individual parties finding different solutions. More so, the American citizens expect much more than just fighting and competing among themselves.

President Obama also expressed his pleasure on seeing such a bill being introduced into the Senate. He also emphasized that an immigration system which is broken needs reform and this bill is definitely a start in the right direction.

With about 11-12 million illegal migrants residing in the United States and more walking into the nation, an effective step has to be taken in the right direction which addresses the issue rather than just passing through the air. This bill is definitely the first step in that direction.

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