Duties of an Insurance Agent & Broker: Insurance & Financial Advisory Services in Quebec!

Insurance sector in the Canadian province of Quebec offers great scope for local and international professionals alike. People who have the dream to immigrate to Canada and pursue the occupation of a insurance agent/broker in the insurance sector, then Quebec makes the ideal destination for them.

But, before making the final decision in respect of pursuing a career in insurance sector, it is good to have a little knowledge about the occupation you are intending to take up. For a brief idea, let’s discuss the main duties attached to the occupation of an insurance agent/broker in Quebec:

  • An Insurance agent/broker is responsible for selling different types of insurances to businesses and individuals, such as
      Life insurance
      Car insurance
      Property insurance
      Health insurance

The province of Quebec requires individuals to obtain a certificate from the ‘Autorité des marchés financiers’. Quebec had about 16,000 professionals engaged in this occupation in the year 2008. Out of the total number, 57 percent were women professionals. The same year, 90 percent of the insurance agents/brokers were full-time employees. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of an insurance agent/broker was 46,000 Dollars.

There are many conditions that Quebec has set for individuals to practice the occupation in the province. To learn more about the Quebec labor market, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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