Nigerian Held for Expired Visa!

Daniel Ochia, 30, the man in concern, is a Nigerian national has been taken into custody for staying in Chennai in an illegal manner since last two years. He was detained when he tried to get an exit visa. The police authorities have confirmed that he had intentions to extend his visit. He landed at Chennai in the month of November 2008.

Ochia came on a six month visa and stayed on a temporary stay with his mate in Vettuvankeni. Later, he made intentions to get involve in a crude oil business but somehow he didn’t get the renewal of his visa after the same was expired. Since then, he has been staying in an illegal manner.

The failure of the business left him with no choice but to leave the country. But on arriving at Sastri Bhavan and consulting the immigration officers to get an exit visa, he was found staying in an illegal manner and hence taken to the police custody at the Neelankarai police.

A case was registered against him on the basis of a complaint filed by Marcos, assistant director of the bureau of immigration. He is in judicial custody and was taken in magistrate court earlier for further investigation.

Now, the police are making investigations as to how he managed to stay for such long duration and perform various activities, when his visa was expired.

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