Duties of an Insurance Underwriter: Insurance & Financial Advisory Services in Quebec!

If you are intending to immigrate to Canada and pursue the occupation of an insurance underwriter, then Quebec is the right place for you. The Canadian province provides a lot of opportunities for professionals engaged in a number occupations. Insurance underwriter is one of those occupations. Let’s discuss some of the duties attached to this occupation:

  • An insurance underwriter is responsible for studying and evaluating insurance applications to establish the risk to be covered and set premiums and the extent of coverage based on company policies.

The occupation of an insurance underwriter is not regulated in the province of Quebec. In the year 2008, Quebec had about 3,000 professionals engaged in this occupation. The same year, 93 percent professionals were employed as full-time workers. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time insurance underwriter was 51,000 Dollars.

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