British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program!

The Provincial Nominee Program in the Canadian province of British Columbia facilitates the province to nominate foreign immigrants in order to meet the employment requirements of the British Columbia economy and labor market. British Columbia employers are highly benefited by the program. There are two categories under which the province nominates foreign nationals to be in. They are:

  • The Strategic Occupations Stream
  • The Business Immigrants Stream

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is also a way for foreign nationals to obtain permanent residency in Canada. In other words, when an applicant is nominated by the provincial program, he also has the greater chances of obtaining Canadian permanent residency. The nominated applicant is eligible to file for permanent residency status with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is said that the provincial program is a fast-tracked way of obtaining PR in Canada, compared to any other federal immigration program.

The BC PNP allows foreign skilled workers as well as international student to immigrate under its two different streams, thereby helping them in getting the permanent residency status in Canada. Thos who wish to migrate to British Columbia as a provincial nominee must satisfy the requirements set by the PNP authorities. You might have doubts about under which stream you could immigrate to the province. To know about this and more about the British Columbia PNP, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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