British Columbia takes on biotechnology sector by storm!

Canada Offers Tremendous Scope For Biotechnologists To Live And Work There. Canada May Be A Peaceful Country, But The Hustle-Bustle Related To Innovation & New Technology Is Infectious. British Columbia (Vancouver) Has Been Voted As One Of The Best Places To Settle Down, It Has Made The World Stop By And Take Notice Of Its Biotechnological Advancement.

Biotechnology has provided us With Answers to our most Complex Problems in any Field You Can Think Of. Take Field Of Medicine, Where Drugs Are Produced With Modified Living Organisms. You Must Be Aware Of Artificial Insulin, Which Has Proved To Be A Blessing For Diabetics. With Minimal Side Effects Not Compromising On Efficacy, This Line Of Drugs Is Referred To As Biopharmaceuticals. More Personalized And Efficient Biopharmaceuticals Have Redefined Our Perception On Health Care.

Academically British Columbia Has Some Premier Institutions. The Prestigious University Of British Columbia Has Been Ranked Number 1 In Patentable Innovative Research. Naturally, It Has The Fastest Growing Sector In Entire Canada, Generating More Than $800 Million Annually. With Approximately 90 Biopharmaceutical Companies, With A Professional Workforce Of More Than 2200, Backed Up By Federal Government Of Canada, British Columbia Has Pioneered Biopharmaceutical Sector.

Reasons For This Exponential Rise In The Field May Be Many. Some Of Them Are:

  • Credible Academic Institutions
  • Emphasis On Research And Technology
  • Drawing Investments
  • Attracting The Brightest And The Most Talented In The Field
  • Healthy Working Environment
  • Homely Living Space

Canada Has An Insatiable Appetite For Science And Technology. They Are Looking For People With The Right Qualifications, Experience And The Desire To Excel. British Columbia Could Be Your Destination For Scientific Nirvana, With A Lot Of Research Positions And Professions Demanding Urgent Filling Up Such As:

  • Biological Technologist
  • Technicians
  • Medical Lab Technologist
  • Post Secondary Teaching
  • Research Assistants

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