Indian Firms to Launch Campaign in the US!

Renowned technology firms’ group, which even includes the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) are all set to launch a public campaign in Capitol Hill of Washington concerning the hiring of local staff in the United States. The campaign is response to the talks that have been going inside the US political environment against offshoring of IT, as well as back office jobs. The midterm election 2010 in the United Nations is slated to be held in the first week of November and while only a few days are left for the election, the talks regarding the banishment of offshoring is reaching its peak.

Already there have been obstacles for India’s outsourcing industry. Recently, the industry was hit by the two newly introduced US legislations- the Mexico Border Security Bill, which increased the visa cost by more than double; and the formal banishment of any outsourcing of government IT work to offshoring firms introduced by Ohio.

According to an official in one of the top firms, apart from the campaign, the firms look for other options to create awareness concerning local hiring, taxes paid and other initiatives. Indian tech firms are already bringing campuses to educational institutions to hire talents. Lobbying, as well as other initiatives taken on this matter have been so far fruitful to the firms.

It would be interesting to see how the political league in the United States reacts to this matter this time. The 2010 Midterm Election in United States will be held on 2nd of November.

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