Bulgaria Tourism Sector Opposes Amendments

The Bulgarian Tourism Sector has obstructed the amendments in the requirements to provide visas to the citizens of Russia. It has been reported that the changes have been implemented just before the commencement of the summer season.

The changes were declared in the later stages of the week, hence elaborating that the amendments would have negative effect on the nation’s tourism sector, especially when the competitors in the tourism sector are hiking at every single stage. Therefore, the changes are not taken in the right direction.

According to the newly applied regulations, online applications have been barred altogether, in addition to hiking the fee for application procedure. In addition, it has become necessary to provide at least five copies to prove the documents in applicant’s favor. The application fee at the Moscow center has been hiked. Earlier it was EUR 9 and now it been increased to EUR 12, a facet which is not suiting a majority of applicants.

The verbal announcement came into effect from April 16. The requirements were stated to big Russian travel agents. But now the Chamber is trying to convince the Foreign Ministry to make amendments in the announced requirements to ensure that Bulgarian tourism does not face adverse effects on its existence.

Stats have confirmed that one-fourth of Russians have applied for Bulgarian visas as far as stats since January are concerned. The figures are compared from the season in the year 2009.

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