Family Gets Immigration Help from Public

The plight of a Calgary couple has allowed the locals of the place to come forward and assist the couple come out of their Immigration dilemma. The aid has been provided after the couple was refused any assistance from the government at that time. The incident has been seen as a true example of humanity witnessed in this materialistic world.

The concerned couple, Walid Ismaiel and his spouse Fatma Badawy were fighting a legal scenario considering their Canadian Immigration status. The husband has been out of work and has the responsibility of his two kids and a seriously ill wife who was fighting tumor since a long time and is currently not in a good state.

The couple has no in Canada who could take their dilemmas seriously. In addition, there is no one to assist them, a facet which brought the man’s sister to arrive all the way from Cairo and help the family. Inspite of granting Immigration status to the sister, immigration officials opposed the integrity of the travel documents provided by her during her temporary visit.

Sun readers came to their rescue and provided all possible help, including the financial assistance to get the couple out if the rut. Although the couple appreciated the gesture showed by the nations, he demanded that he just wants his sister to come on a temporary visit so that he can get back to work.

Other people have also offered their assistance to aid the family in some way or the other. the incident clearly depicts the loopholes of the Immigration department!

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