Bulgaria a land of sun, surf, song and snow

Bulgarians live for leisure. And why not? They make maximum use of their natural topography to make the best of their weekends. There are a few countries on this planet, which are blessed with various topographies within a single boundary. Golfing, fishing, spas, gardens, parks, skiing, boating…just among a few things Bulgarians love. So if you are looking towards Bulgaria as your future home, here are things you can look forward to.

Music and Dance Festivals
With it rich cultural heritage, many festivals are held in Bulgaria, annually where the Bulgarians exhibit their singing and folk dancing talents. Live performances of local artists are something else to look forward to. Catch these musicians on streets and local venues all over the country. The Kukeri spring festival and the Festival of Roses, held in June is something else, which you can look forward to.  Sofia and the other main cities of Bulgaria have a good range of entertainment options, including opera and classical music concerts, rock music venues, nightclubs and discos, pubs, bars, cinemas and theatres. Sofia also has a number of museums and many historical buildings and monuments of interest.

Bulgaria…a land of sun, surf, song and snow
Bulgaria…a land of sun, surf, song and snow

Parks and gardens
Bulgaria also hosts many beautiful parks and gardens where you can stroll and enjoy a picnic with your friends or family. Most of these are found in city outskirts. These are ideal in the afternoon both on working days and during the weekend when the weather is mild.

Plenty sunny beaches
Head towards the North and South of the country where you will find islands like Albena, the Sun Coast, Elenite, the Golden Sands, St. Constantine and St. Helena. Swimming is allowed there and these beaches are tourist magnets. They are well protected. Don’t forget to look out for the safe and unsafe zones, which are marked by green and red codes. Water-sports off the Black Sea coast are very popular with visitors and Bulgarians alike.

Fishing is a very regular weekend activity for the Bulgarians. The Government regulates it and if you want to fish in the rivers or lakes, you will have to obtain a permit. There are separate permits for kids and seniors too.

Golf Course for everyone
In many countries, Golf is a sport for a select elite. Not so in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Golf Association, in fact, wants to promote this sport and getting membership of a Golf Club is very easy, the only pre-condition being appropriate golfing attire.

Ski Resorts
If you are more of a snow baby, then Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo are for you to head to over the holidays. There are plenty of ski resorts here and in fact, Borovets is known to be one of the world biathlon’s best skiing resorts.

Beautiful Hiking Trails
Bulgaria has some exquisite hiking trails and there are many enthusiastic Bulgarian guides who will be more than happy to accompany you on one of these trips. Hike up to the Balkan’s summit or even go there on horseback. If you are not the very sporty type, you can hire a helicopter and simply get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape.

So there you have it. Bulgaria and the wonderful things you can do there.

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