Migrating to Bulgaria is a boon for your children. Here’s why.

If you are considering Bulgaria as your future homeland, let us assure you that it is a step in the correct direction, even for your children. Bulgaria is blessed with some good education system. So while you are looking at a great lifestyle and standard of living, here’s why Bulgaria makes sense for your children too.

Bulgaria has EU’s top universities

Universities like Sofia Medical University and Plodiv Medical University are ranked among the top medical universities in Europe. And why not? The Bulgarians are striving to attract students from all over the world. And considering that the population of the country is not vast, getting entrance into such universities is much easier.

Migrating to Bulgaria

Big opportunities for their future

After your children graduate from university, they will have some great employment opportunities, thanks to the low population and less competition. In fact, entrepreneurs are known to thrive in this country as more and more start-ups are springing up, because of the need for enterprise, low cost of doing business and skilled yet, inexpensive labour.

Low cost of tuition fees in Bulgaria

Tuition fees in UK are quite exorbitant but in comparison, Bulgaria is inexpensive. To give you an example, to study medicine in some of the best universities, you will only have to shell out 8000 EUR per year. For that, your child will get an internationally recognized diploma. They will also get a chance to interact with children all over the world and gain international exposure, making for an all rounded personality.

Lower entry requirements at Bulgarian universities

Everywhere else in the EU, competition is very fierce. Getting entry in a good university means that your child has to be a straight ‘A’ student. But the systems and criteria are different in Bulgaria. Even if your ward has a bit lower grades, they can get accepted into the university, depending on other criteria. They offer all types of students a second chance to redeem themselves and have a go at their future careers.

Internationally recognized diploma

All the certificates issued in Bulgaria are recognized internationally since Bulgaria is a part of the European Union. So it will be much easier for your children to pursue higher education anywhere else in the EU. Also, since it is in the EU, exchange programmes like Erasmus+ are available in all universities.

Begin work earlier than students elsewhere

Children who study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in Bulgaria have a huge advantage. After approximately 6 years of studying (which includes practice) they can begin to work right away without wasting additional time in a Master’s Degree. This gives them the much-needed practical experience, which makes it easier for them when they want to begin their Master’s studies.

Besides these obvious advantages, let’s not forget that Bulgaria is a gorgeous country and students here have an active and fun-filled life. It is a blend of study, leisure and adventure, unlike many other countries where the education ethos is competitive and stressful.

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