Bulgarian Investment Program!

Immigration is quite a popular concept today. Many people from different parts of the world seek better opportunities for life and so, they decide to immigrate. People make the most of it when it comes to obtaining a dual citizenship. This offers them with security and better standards of education for children and family in general. The immigration programs in Bulgaria are a good option for those planning to immigrate somewhere in the Europe. The key programs include the Investor Program for the Bulgarian citizenship and the Residency.

The above two programs are new when compared to other nations. The laws for these were brought out by the Parliament of Bulgaria in April 2009. This program is similar to the grounds of the Canadian Immigrant Investor program.

However, the difference here is the exemption when it comes to the physical presence of the investor during his permanent residency. The main objective of this program is for the investor to invest and start a venture in Bulgaria as well as apply for the European Union citizenship for which he would be eligible after a period of 5 years.

The timelines to obtain a permit for Permanent Residence in Bulgaria varies between four to six months. When compared, the process for this program is much faster than the other visa programs. Here, the eligibility criteria does not involve anything related to the nationality, academic qualifications and work experience, religion and the age limit.

There are many advantages when it comes to this program. The immigrant is permitted to live and work or even study or do business in the nation. More so, the migrant will get the permission to travel within the European Union. It does not limit to the above only, the benefits are much more.

After obtaining the status of a Permanent Resident in Bulgaria, the immigrant would get the same rights as those of the local citizens. The only exceptions include the right to vote which is specific to the citizens of Bulgaria only. With this, the permanent residents cannot run for the parliament or work in positions of high security.

The investment that is made through this program is made in the form of governmental bonds. These bonds are guaranteed and secured by the government of Bulgaria. The applicant as an investor who is qualified would be provided with two options:

  • Under the Full Investment Option, the investor would be asked to deposit the entire amount of BGN 1,000,000 for a period of 5 years. This is without any additional interest. Post the completion of these 5 years, the above money would be paid back to the investor without any additional interest.
  • The other option is the Financed Investment Option where in the investor has to be deposit a reduced amount. He has to pay € 160,000. This money would aid in financing the 1,000,000 BGN (€ 511,292). This would be based on a 5 year time period from a chartered Bulgarian bank. The above amount of € 160,000 is not repaid back after 5 years.

Based on the above two options, the Bulgarian state offers the investor with the state of Permanent Resident.

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