Why Become a Citizen?

If you are an immigrant or a permanent resident in the United States and are contemplating on the idea of whether or not to become a citizen of that nation, here are a few pointers which might help you decide better.

  • A citizen has the right to sponsor family members for a permanent resident status or the Green Card. This provision would permit a Green Card instantly for the immediate family members. Relatives such as those of siblings would have to wait as there are only a given number of visas which could be granted each year. This is specific for each country according to the category.
  • An immigrant citizen of a nation would not be deported incase of any alleged criminal involvement. However, when it comes to permanent residents, there are chances of being deported on such allegations. This crime might be very minor in nature but the permanent residents are subject to the authority of the Immigration Courts and the USCIS. A citizen has the basic right to remain in the United States which the US government cannot it snatch it away.
  • Voting is one of the key rights which only a citizen of a nation has. The same is for the US citizens as they have the right to vote for the candidate who would be their representative in the public office and for issues pertaining to local taxes and so on.
  • A citizen can walk in and out of the nation anytime he wants. More so, he has the freedom to travel abroad as many times as he wants to. When it comes to a permanent resident, if he stays away from the nation for more than 180 days, he might lose his Green Card.
  • When it comes to property, no estate tax has to be paid for the US citizen. With the tax code in place, it permits for free property transfer between the spouses who are the citizens of the United States. In case the spouse is not a US citizen, then such transfers would be taxed.

There are many other benefits such as receiving grants and benefits in colleges and universities. More so, to apply for a government job, the person has to be a citizen of the United States. To know more, it is best to contact an immigration expect who can guide you on the same.

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