Business Investors Immigration UK & Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment—Two Amazing Visa Options

If it is Europe that’s high on your radar for residency and citizenship, and if you have deep pockets, you must target either the UK or Bulgaria. Opt for either the Business Investors Immigration UK path or the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment corridor. The choice is absolutely yours.

Lately, the Republic of Bulgaria has emerged as a very good option for making profitable investments and getting permanent residency abroad in return. What’s even more significant is the fact that many people are using the Bulgarian citizenship by investment path. As per some observers on the subject, this path almost rivals the Business Investors Immigration UK path, in terms of popularity and acceptance.

Business Investors Immigration
Business Investors Immigration

In short, both the destinations are presently high on the radar of the global investors, keen to make it rather big on the international map, and expand their business abroad to the different parts of the globe.

Why Select the UK?

Let’s start with the UK first!

The Residency or citizenship standing in the nation offers the investors with access to an amazing world of gains. Let’s check some of them here!

  1. The UK boasts of diverse and multicultural society duly represented by large cultural & ethnic societies.
  2. The country boasts of greater standard of education, a vast network of private & state schools, and over (hold your breath) 150 universities and advanced education establishments.
  3. The nation offers an amazing free healthcare service in the whole world, perhaps the best seen anywhere.
  4. It’s a key member of the G8.
  5. It’s also an important member of the European Union (EU), even while it denotes higher business opportunities across the European continent.
  6. The UK’s capital, London, is an unchallenged financial business center.
  7. The nation has appealing tax regime for high net worth investors categorized as the UK resident, non-domicile.
  8. The nation’s residents and citizens get travel flexibility & security of a UK passport.

Business Investors Immigration UK path

This takes us back to the key subject and that is the Business Investors Immigration UK path. Well, the nation runs a certified Investor Immigration Programme for those with wealth and who are high net worth people who make a considerable high investment in the nation’s economy and development.

The government offers `red carpet` to the overseas investors and entrepreneurs via providing them with more motivations and doing away with the restrictions.

Under the plan in question, the overseas people who want to move to the destination have to make a high net worth investment, not less than 2 million British Pounds.

It has to be invested for not less than 5 year term in either Government bonds, loan or share capital. The UK Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or the Permanent Residency is given in the wake of 5 years. While the investor is denied the right to invest this money in property, bank deposit, there is not any possibility of employment either. The investor is at his liberty to do whatever he wants with the rest of the 250,000 British Pounds. Though financing option is obtainable, the investor has to prove that s/he has not less than 2 million British Pounds in assets.

While for the investments of more than 5 million British Pounds, residency is gained post 3 years, for the investments of more than 10 million British Pounds, the same may be acquired post 2 years.

In the beginning, post successful endorsement of the petition, the investor will receive a 3 year Entry Clearance Visa, with the possibility of 2 year renewal and then in the wake of 5 years of lawful residence in the nation, they make the grade for the ILR standing, provided the investor has accordingly continued the invested money of 2 million British Pounds, as specified by the scheme. After the ILR has been offered, you may move in and out of the country as per your wish, and any number of times. However, do not spend more than 2 years successively outside the nation.

UK Investor Immigration Programme–Top Highlights

There is no requirement of any personal interview.

There is no requirement of English language skills either to get a visa.

You also do not need to possess any prior business experience.

You will not have to face any medical examination either.

What’s more: the government interview is frequently abandoned.

Last but not the least the processing time is exceedingly quick, regularly between 1 week and 6 weeks.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

As far as this republic goes, as mentioned before, you may opt for the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment corridor to acquire the nation’s prized citizenship. Bulgaria cherishes the foreign investors, and if you fulfill the different mandatory terms & conditions, as laid down by the Bulgaria Immigration department and the country’s government, you will eventually become a citizen of this wonderful European country.

For those not tuned in, Bulgaria has one of the lowest tax rates in the whole Europe, it also boasts of highly skilled and educated manpower—highly valuable assets to run a venture in the country and/or make profitable investments there in.

Summing-up, use any of the two popular investment options discussed above–the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment corridor or the Business Investors Immigration UK path–to move to Europe as an investor, and become a permanent resident initially and later a citizen there in.

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