Decoded: Requirements for Investor Visa in Canada

If you are one of those keen to shift to Canada, using the popular investment route, you need to first check the different requirements for Investor Visa in Canada.

On account of the complacency shown by the “first-come-first-serve” basis of immigration, the Canadian economy had to deal with a severe blow. To fix the mess, the Maple Leaf country, under the guidance and administration of the immigration ministry, reformed the immigration system. The new system came to be known as the Express Entry or the Expression of Interest (EoI).

Investor Visa in Canada
Investor Visa in Canada

Under the Express Entry system, business in Canada thrived like never before with lucrative investments. Requirements for Investor Visa in Canada went tough however, but still, the passion of the immigrants never failed. Even though the requirements for Investor Visa in Canada went higher, people jubilantly applied for the visa.

If you belong to that list that is wishful of moving to the Maple Leaf Country on a Business Visa, it is important that you know a few of the requirements of different regions in the overseas hotspot in the business visa domain.


With the help of the Saskatchewan Entrepreneurship Programme, as an immigrant you can move to the popular destination by buying a business, or buying a partial ownership of the business.

If you are going for the Saskatchewan Entrepreneurship Immigration Programme, you need to meet with the following requirements.

  • Have at least 1, 50,000 Canadian Dollars active investments in the Province of Saskatchewan. Or, at least 33.33% of sharing in the company’s stake.
  • For the owners having less than 33% of the stake, it is mandatory to have at least 1 million Canadian Dollars as active investment.
  • The business must be running and it should be making 75,000 Canadian Dollars as good faith investment. The good faith deposit can be refunded upon the expiration of the investment.


In the province of Manitoba, you can move as a business investor, or even as a farm owner, as per your discretion and demand.

To qualify on the parameters of Manitoba immigration, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Have minimum verified capital of 3, 50,000 Canadian Dollars. The amount must be acquired from legal source and donations will not be considered in the assessment of the funding.
  • Have demonstrated ownership experience of 3 years in a row or must have a senior role in the management of the company, or both of them.
  • As an assurance of faith, you will have to deposit a sum of 75,000 Canadian Dollars and should give an assurance that your stay would be permanent in the nation.

Young Farmer Nominee Programme

For Manitoba, a specific programme has been earmarked by the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, to acquire fresh talents in the farm sector. The applicant can move in this segment by purchasing a farm, or becoming a partner of a farm in Manitoba.

The minimum net-worth of 1, 50,000 Canadian Dollars and an equity investment of 1, 50,000 Canadian Dollars would be demanded for this investment.

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