Figure Out Requirements for Investor Visa in New Zealand

If New Zealand immigration motivates you, and you wish to be a part of the thriving global economy–using your funds, and as an investor–you need to first find out the different requirements for Investor Visa in New Zealand.

Thought to be just a small island nation and a close neighbor of Australia, the nation in question still has been a chief point of attraction for business investment. As an investor, if you have been wondering about the prospects of business investment in the overseas immigration hotspot, you will be thankful that you have come to the right place for an insight.

Investor Visa in New Zealand
Investor Visa in New Zealand

Why Makes New Zealand a Hot Investment Destination?

It has been known to be a key nation in the global competitive index, in terms of business ambience. With a positive economic growth of 33 years in 35 years, the increased demand of exports has contributed towards the growth and expansion of the economy. Standard and Poor, the well-known organization, has given a AA+ status to the nation which is even higher as compared to few top growing economies, like India and China.

The South Pacific Ocean serves as a great option for promoting comprehensive global growth and expansion. Supported by an independent monetary policy, New Zealand can promote greater Return on Investment for the investors.

Requirements for Investor Visa in New Zealand

Investor Visa in the nation can be duly categorized in two broad groups. As an immigrant, you can go for the Investor Visa to New Zealand. The investor visa will demand a minimum investment of 3 million dollars. At the same time, the aspiring immigrant must have lived in the country for a period of 146 days in the last four years. Keeping in mind the same, the applicant can go ahead with this visa option.

There has been a provision given for significant contribution. In the significant contribution model, the aspiring immigrant must give an assurance to invest 10 million dollars with 2 years of investment. The applicant must have lived in the overseas hotspot for a period of 44 days. In one of the possibilities, the applicant must have lived there in for a period of 88 days over the last three years, for the purpose of superior investment there in.

Apart from meeting with the different requirements envisaged by the immigration department, the applicant must have additional requirements of English proficiency met at the time of the application. The requirements are not just restricted to the immigrant; rather, the family member of the immigrant must also meet with the minimum requirements as demand by the immigration module of New Zealand.

When you are applying for the country under the Investor Visa Stream, it is necessary that you have hired a professional immigration agent with international accreditation. Having a recognized immigration consultant will help you in numerous ways and better your chances of moving to the destination.

These are a few of the requirements for Investor Visa in New Zealand that you must meet, to move to the destination under the Investor Visa Category.

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