California’s In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants!

The recently ruled out regulation by the California Supreme Court that in-state tuition fee at public colleges and universities is also applicable on illegal immigrants students in the state has been making many furious. The court is facing criticism on making the in-state tuition fee legitimate for students without legal status in the United States.

Right after the California Supreme Court declared that the facility of paying lesser tuition fee by inhabitants of California is also applicable to illegal students, many critics were clear of raising their voice against the ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Critics say that the California court is going with the students who do not even have the right to be in the United States. With the ruling, illegal immigrant students are privileged to afford the higher education in California. The in-state tuition rate is a discount applicable to those students who attend high school in California for minimum 3 years. This law came into force in the year 2002. The current tuition rate for in-state students at the University of California campuses is 10,302 Dollars, and out-of-California students are required to pay 33,181 Dollars.

The very law, according to an attorney who advocated the low in-state tuition rate law at the California Supreme Court, Ethan Schulman, the law does not differentiate pupils on the basis of their residence and immigration status. The only criterion for students to take advantage of the law is to have at least 3 years of high school graduation in California.

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