Call to take care of foreign student drop in Australia!

A pressure has been made on the federal government by the Victorian Universities to take a quick action on the number of overseas students coming to Australia declining with each moment.

According to Glyn Davis, who is the vice-chancellor of Melbourne University, Australia is the only nation where a sharp fall of such kind has been seen. This indicates that whatever facets are responsible for this fall; these are related with what has been done in the nation.

He went on to say that the why Australia is not as competitive as other nations like US or UK is due to the implications of making the visa regulations stringent. In addition to that, requiring a particular amount of bank balance or show your financial status to ensure that applicants can pay bills is one of the main reasons for this sharp fall.

He went on to say that the recent incidents linked with racial attacks on India further demolished the image of Australia as a prospective country to immigrate and hence a drop of  up to 95 per cent was witnessed in terms of the drop on Indian student coming to the land of Kangaroos to study. The damage was seen at enormous level. Various educational institutions in Victoria are feeling the effect of extreme fall in the number of Indian students.

But the biggest problem has been seen in the case of amendments done by the government in visa procedures. He said that the federal government needs to grant additional funding to universities in order to cover up the loss.

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