Immigration has Positive Impact on Canada, states Report!

A new report has projected the effect of immigration on the prosperity of Canada. As per the results of the report, the nation has had a positive impact due to immigration. The report titled ‘Immigrants as Innovators: Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness’ has been brought out by the Conference Board of Canada which is an analysis company. It depicts the relation between the performance of various areas such as culture, business, research and global commerce and Canadian immigration.

The findings that this report has revealed projects immigrants cater to about 35 percent of the Canada Research Chairs. However, immigrants cater to only 20 percent of the entire population of Canada.

When immigrants walk into a nation, they also bring about benefits catering to trade relations. With each one percent rise in the number of immigrants to the nation, it equates to a hike by 0.21 percent when it comes to the number of imports and another 0.11 percent for exports.

When it comes to genres such as performing arts and literary awards, an analysis projected that foreigners make many artistic contributions which have been quite strong and caters to over 20 percent of the finalists.

At the same time, the report also stated that immigration to Canada is hindered by onerous and other obstacles which are often not exactly necessary. This also includes failure of recognizing international experience and qualifications. With these is the lack of appropriate foreign language skills for employers to expand their business into the international market. At the same time, there are not enough opportunities for newcomers in their specific field of study.

Finally, the report said that at all levels of analysis it has been found that immigrants have had an impact on innovation performance which has benefited the nation.

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